The All Power America Commercial Stump Grinder is a powerful and durable machine that is perfect for grinding away unsightly tree stumps in commercial settings. This stump grinder has a 15HP engine and a 12-inch cutting blade, which makes short work of even the toughest stumps.

One of the standout features of this stump grinder is its large cutting capacity. With a cutting depth of up to 12 inches below ground level, this machine can handle stumps of all sizes. Additionally, the grinder has a cutting height of up to 24 inches above ground level, allowing the operator to easily access hard-to-reach stumps.

The All Power America Commercial Stump Grinder is also designed with user safety in mind. It features a unique centrifugal clutch system that stops the blade from spinning as soon as the throttle is released, preventing any dangerous kickbacks. The machine also comes with a convenient handlebar-mounted brake for added control and safety.

Customers who have purchased this stump grinder have been impressed with its power and ease of use. They have noted that it is well-built and durable, able to handle even the toughest jobs with ease. Overall, the All Power America Commercial Stump Grinder is an excellent choice for commercial landscapers and anyone looking to quickly and easily remove unsightly tree stumps.

By dugless